Cape Cod sailing lessons are available on the 39' Southern Cross or the 16' day sailer. Instruction is done privately and by arrangement. we try to suit your schedule (day or night, weekends, weekdays, etc.) Let us help you create your own sailing school program.

The Basic Course 
(6 hours for the small boat, 9 hours for the large) The basic course of private sailing instruction enables students to become proficient at sailing a triangular course - all points of the wind. Students rig the boat and are at the helm within the first fifteen minutes of their first session. Sail trim, helmsmanship, safety, terminology and boat care are integrated into every lesson.

Three blocks of sailing instruction increase the likelihood of encountering different conditions of wind and sea.

Suggested schedule:
2-hour blocks for the 16' day sailer and 3-hour blocks for the 39' Southern Cross. Some folks prefer longer blocks of instruction and fewer days.

Overnight Sailing Instruction
is recommended for those with some experience who are considering cruising their own boat or doing a bare boat charter. Typically this is a Nantucket trip which involves about six hours of instruction each day. Add Martha's Vineyard for three days of sailing instruction. Personal attention and hands on sailing instruction make this a great alternative to sailing school.

Either Captain Bob Rice or Captain Sam Fuller will also do instruction or "brush-up" on your own boat.


16ft Day Sailor- 95$ per hour for 1 person, and 55hr for the 2nd person. So a 2 hour lesson with two people would be 300$

39 Southern Cross- 150$ per hour and 1/2 for the 2nd person

For Instruction on your boat the rate is 120$ per hr